Spelling Nightmares

Spelling Nightmares

Stories help shape our cultures and make it much easier for us to learn. In the past great storytellers would have been revered. With the advent of the written word, spelling and punctuation became important. Although how we spell and punctuate has changed over the centuries, it still has a very important part to play in structuring our writing.

In the following list, see if you can identify which spellings are incorrect: Continue reading “Spelling Nightmares”

First, Second or Third Person?

Deciding on a Viewpoint – First, Second or Third Person?

Once you have established what tense you want to write in, it is important to decide whose point of view you are going to write from and be consistent. For example, whether you are going to use I/me (first person), you (second person) or he/she/it (third person). Check that you haven’t slipped into a different person by mistake. There are advantages and disadvantages to each style, so let us look at them now: Continue reading “First, Second or Third Person?”

Book Marketing

Market Your Book or Novel or Watch it Die

Why did you write a book if you don’t intend to promote it and sell copies? Perhaps you want to actively market your book but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you are trying hard to promote your book but lack direction and focus. Books that are not marketed proactively simply fade away and die, so during the coming months we hope to inspire and motivate you to market your book via this blog. Continue reading “Book Marketing”