Write a Self-Help Book

It is common to begin with great gusto and enthusiasm when writing a self-help book, throwing ourselves in, getting caught up in the excitement, but most of us will run into problems at some point, some even abandoning our writing altogether.

Stumbling blocks are commonplace, particularly when it comes to writing a self-help book. The important thing to remember is that you are not alone and you will actually get to write the words ‘The End’ if you stick with it.

☺ As the old adage goes: there’s a book inside everyone.

When embarking on writing your first self-help book, you need to be mindful that it is a long-term project. However, by following the steps in this guide and committing the time to write every day, you can complete a quality manuscript in just ninety days. In fact, if you intend to write a short self-help book of 40,000 words or a 100 pages on a simple concept on which you are very knowledgeable, it is possible that you could go from the initial concept to a finished manuscript in as little as four weeks. Continue reading “Write a Self-Help Book”

Nouns Explained the Simple Way

Learn How to Use Common Nouns

You probably already know that nouns are naming words, but some people get confused between the three types of nouns: common nouns (abstract, collective, compound, concrete, countable/non-countable, gender-specific and verbal nouns), proper nouns, and pronouns. This article is going to address the usage of common nouns, proper nouns and pronouns: Continue reading “Nouns Explained the Simple Way”