Verb Usage Unravelled

Verb Usage Unravelled

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A Verb is a ‘doing’ word. These can appear in different forms: active and passive – showing or telling:

  • It was hot (telling).
  • Carol sweltered in the heat (showing).

The latter will make your writing more positive and vivid, creating mental pictures for the reader, forcing them to become involved in and participate in the story, rather than taking in information passively. For example, being told someone’s age or describing something as a list (he did this, then he did that, then he did the other) appears more as an instruction: Continue reading “Verb Usage Unravelled”

A Great Book Cover Can Help Maximise Sales

A Great Book Cover Can Help Sell Your Book

A well-designed book cover or jacket is a marketing tool you should be using to your advantage. To coin a well-oiled phrase, like it or not, people do judge a book by its cover and in addition to the title, this is the first thing people will see. It therefore needs to be something that will attract attention and thereby potential readers. Continue reading “A Great Book Cover Can Help Maximise Sales”

Never Underestimate the Power of Subplots in a Novel

Weave Subplots into Your Novel:

Never underestimate the power of adding subplots when writing a novel, but remember that subplots should never overshadow the main story. Often, they will intertwine with the main story, but they can be used to add humour to an otherwise dark story and they can even be used to add extra significance around other characters in the book, so that you are also interested in them in the parts in the book where the main character isn’t around. Continue reading “Never Underestimate the Power of Subplots in a Novel”