Effective Book Marketing

Book Marketing

Why Your Novel Is Not Selling

If your book is not selling, the chances are you have made a common mistake and are not marketing it correctly. Book marketing is one of the first things you can consider even before you have written your book, in order to start building an author platform.

A book marketer’s mindset is very different to that of a writer’s and it requires different skills. Fortunately, technology these days means you can utilise your writing skills to market your book. Whilst it would be great if you could let others take care of the book marketing for you and let the sales come pouring in, in reality it doesn’t happen that way. Continue reading “Effective Book Marketing”

Establishing Your Credibility as a Self-Help Specialist

Establishing Your Credibility as a Self-Help Specialist

Write a Self-Help Book
How to Write a Self-Help Book Fast!

Readers and publishers want to know that the author of a self-help book is an authority on the subject. For this reason it is best to write about topics you have qualifications for or unique experience in. Continue reading “Establishing Your Credibility as a Self-Help Specialist”