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Book Marketing

Why Your Novel Is Not Selling

If your book is not selling, the chances are you have made a common mistake and are not marketing it correctly. Book marketing is one of the first things you can consider even before you have written your book, in order to start building an author platform.

A book marketer’s mindset is very different to that of a writer’s and it requires different skills. Fortunately, technology these days means you can utilise your writing skills to market your book. Whilst it would be great if you could let others take care of the book marketing for you and let the sales come pouring in, in reality it doesn’t happen that way.

Before you can market your book effectively you need to know what makes someone select one novel over another. You might think the answer is obvious:

  • The book is compelling and/or entertaining.
  • The purchaser believes reading it will transport them to another world for a while, bringing relief from everyday hassles, dramas and problems.

While people may want the above from a book, they have no way of knowing if your particular book will meet this criteria until they are actually reading it. This is why book marketing can be complicated.

There are an infinite number of reasons why someone will choose a particular novel over another, including some of the following:

  • The author is a celebrity.
  • It has a great opening paragraph or first page (this is usually about as much as they will read in the shop or online before making a purchase).
  • They have read and enjoyed other titles by the same author
  • Word of mouth, in as much as friends and relatives are talking about and recommending a book they have read.
  • The cover, title or blurb appealed to them as they were browsing.
  • It has been reviewed and recommended by a magazine, newspaper or TV show they enjoy.
  • They saw or heard the author being interviewed and it sparked their interest.
  • It is appearing on a bestsellers list.
  • They watched the film or TV show first.

If your novel is already in print, you can’t change the content or blurb, become a celebrity overnight or immediately get it onto the bestsellers lists. But you can get your novel noticed with effective book marketing. To find out how, come back regularly to this blog or get Market and Sell Books – part of the My Guide series of self-help books, available on Amazon.co.uk.

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