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Publishing Options
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There are many publishing options and once you have written your novel or self-help book, there are still some vital stages to go before you can begin to make money from your writing and share your work with the world. But before you decide which publishing options are right for you, you will need to consider all the options available. As well as the traditional publishing options through a publishing house or an agent, it is now easier than ever either to self-publish with companies or even by doing all of the work yourself.

The key to success when choosing between publishing options is always to do your homework prior to submission. It is important to research the individual submission criteria for each publishing house or agent before sending your work off. For instance, some publishing houses prefer you to submit the first thirty pages or any three chapters that best represent your work. Others like you to complete a submission form. It is never a good idea to do a blanket mailshot, because if you haven’t done your homework and you fail to adhere to their guidelines, you will face rejection, without your work even being read, regardless of how good your manuscript is. The Editing House UK will show you how to do this to improve your chances.

Before making any submission, it is important to get your work professionally proofread or edited. It is no good getting Uncle Tom to read it because he is good at English. This is because the human brain automatically fills in the blanks and as long as the first and last letters of a word are correct, your mind will automatically read what it wants to see rather than what is actually on the page. If your manuscript is well edited and formatted, this will increase your chances of standing out from the pile and The Editing House UK aims to help authors achieve their dream of publication.

Authors often make the mistake of overusing italics, capitals and all sorts of other stylistic tools, but this will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons. Fancy fonts and flowery, displayed text will not raise your profile. Rather, publishers will see that they will have a lot of work to bring the manuscript up to standard, in accordance with their house style, involving cost implications, thereby affecting the profit before you have even started. Even famous authors have faced rejection, perhaps one of the most surprising being J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and also Beatrix Potter. The Editing House UK doesn’t want to see this happen.

At The Editing House, we aim to help you, the author, overcome all these problems and to bring your work up to a publishable standard. You will then be able to submit your work with confidence in the knowledge that you have done everything you can, giving you a better chance of producing a best-seller. You will also have choices in that you will be familiar with the latest publishing options.

There are many publishing options available to you and we have listed just some of these below to get you started:

Traditional Publishing:

It is incredibly difficult to obtain a publishing deal unless you are a previously published author or have a guaranteed market for sales. However, it is not impossible and if this is the route you want to go down, don’t be put off. You just have to ensure your manuscript is produced to the highest standard and follow their guidelines.

Subsidised Publishing:
This is where you pay the publisher or make a contribution towards the cost of publication and the two parties benefit. The author contributes in the form of a manuscript and a subsidy, whilst the publisher provides a wealth of expertise and professionalism, including accounting, administration, contacts, distributor marketing, rights support, royalties, stock control, warehousing, etc. Because both parties work together, this can be a very successful partnership.

If you are on a budget, this option could well be for you. Taking a book from a completed manuscript to a printed version available on Amazon and in bookshops can be a complicated and lengthy process. Although it is possible to do this for yourself, these days companies offer a full administration service for self-publishing.

If you were to self-publish, it would mean that you would have to wear all sorts of different hats as you became:

  • an editor/proofreader
  • a designer
  • a media specialist
  • a computer expert
  • a marketing/PR consultant
  • a good people person/communicator
  • a printer/printing house
  • an agent and publisher
  • a warehouse stockist, distributor
  • a salesperson.


The advantage of the eBook is that it means your book can be made available to the global market far more easily. Publishing your book as an eBook also gives you the chance to test the market before investing in the more costly business of publishing a printed version. However, you do need to have a certain amount of computer literacy to do this.

A literary agent represents writers and their work and submits them to publishing houses, which tend not to take unsolicited manuscripts these days. By this it means that they won’t take titles that haven’t come through an agent. A quality agent will have a superior understanding of the literary market, they will know whom best to approach and they will have good connections. Not only will agents assess your work, but they will also establish whether or not you are capable of producing other work or turning out a series, even ascertaining if you are able to market or promote your book.

An agent performs various roles when representing you: finding a publisher, negotiating contract terms, securing advances and conditions, and handling rights. But they will take a commission, usually when they sell the work. Literary agents all have individual niches, so make sure they handle your type of genre prior to submission.

There are positive and negative aspects to all of the publishing options. Always do your research prior to taking out a contract with anyone. Whatever option you choose, the important thing is to have fun. If you require any further information, please contact one of the team at The Editing House UK.

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